Cosmos SoundWave Theater | Evervue Middle East (FZC)
Soundwave theater with center, main, and side speakers and subwoofer.

SoundWave Theater

AED 10,350.00 Inc. VAT

Superior, State-of-the-Art Cosmos SoundWave Theater makes a stunning centerpiece for your backyard.

From one glance, it is the main outdoor feature because of its eye-catching design. Using advanced speaker technology and amplified sub-woofer, Cosmos SoundWave Theater will rattle your backyard in delivering a realistic outdoor theater and an almost-real life experience that you will never forget.

Made of durable and easy to maintain stainless steel, Cosmos SoundWave Theater is designed to be used outdoors and is maintenance-free.

The Cosmos SoundWave Theater is compatible with other sound systems and requires an external amplifier (not included in this set)

Recommended Amplifier: Amplifier with connection for 2 rear speakers, 2 front speakers, one center speaker, and one sub-woofer

  • Fully made of stainless steel; will not rust and is easy to maintain
  • Comes complete with outdoor speaker cables (20’/6 meter for each speaker)
  • Does not come with Amplifier and an amplifier is needed for best results; this speaker set is compatible with all 5 or 6 audio amplifiers

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